Aping blockchain.info

The developers of the OneCoin Simulator software applied themselves diligently to their task to make a Blockchain viewer which looked credible. They decided to copy 90% of the components of the Bitcoin explorer on blockchain.info.

This is a screenshot of a recent Bitcoin Block that you can view via hyperlink blockchain.info Block #472963
All elements which have been used on the OneCoin Blockchain Simulator screens (currently or in the past) are marked by a blue rectangular.

Compare this with the screenshots of a recent OneCoin Block. 100% of the elements are copied from blockchain.info (and other Bitcoin explorers).

This is a screenshot of OneCoin Block #0 (the genesis block) in the old layout that was used until 5 December 2016. Hyperlinks to individual Transactions were not visible in that period.


  1. The “UTC” indication after the timestamp complies with our findings that Block creation timestamps are recorded and displayed in the GMT/UTC time-zone.
  2. The DIFFICULTY aka Mining Difficulty was still visible in this layout, but has been deleted from the new layout.


This is a screenshot with the old layout of Block #37295 of OneCoin Blockchain Simulator Version 1 (active until 30 September 2016).


  1. Difficulty, Bits and Size were visible in that period.
  2. These data are not accessible anymore (i.e. hyperlinks don’t work).