The authors of this website have tried to gather accurate, verifiable and reproducable information about the OneCoin “cryptocurrency” and the OneLife “ecosystem”. We advise you urgently to check and double-check the facts and draw your own conclusions before you decide to buy an educational package and start “mining” OneCoins.

The OneCoin “Blockchain” (which is a cryptocurrency SIMULATOR) is visible in the back-office. After login, in the left menu, go to > Crypto Currency > BLOCKCHAIN.

Extensive tests with all possible types of OneCoin transactions (i.e. “mining”, transferring OneCoins to another OneLife member, buying products on, et cetera) have delivered irrefutable proof that there is no connection whatsoever between the OneCoin Transactions in the OneCoin Account and CoinSafe Account of OneLife members on the one hand (green part in the System Diagram below), and the OneCoin Block and Transaction data on the BLOCKCHAIN pages on the other hand (red part in the System Diagram below). This means that the OneCoin “Blockchain” is a cryptocurrency SIMULATOR with FAKE Block and Transaction data. This website describes a number a reproducible experiments/tests which are the foundation of our conclusions.
Our overall conclusion is that OneCoin is a scam by design. Based on all evidence we collected, we created this System Diagram of the back-office.

You can verify a lot of the information yourself. The only thing you need is a free “Rookie” account which you can create in a couple of minutes via this hyperlink

WARNING: we recommend never to fill in personal data. Use a non-personal email address for the confirmation link. A free Rookie account will be valid for about one month, after that it will be disabled (“frozen”).

In this video OneCoin Founder and Visionary Ruja Ignatova announced the “Ultimate Package”. The next picture explains the characteristics of this so-called “Educational Package”.