OneCoin Scam by Design


A video, featuring “OneCoin Founder and Visionary” Ruja Ignatova, exposes the concept of the OneCoin Ponzi and Pyramid scam in a nutshell. Despite the claims by the scam company and its promotors that they sell “Educational Packages”, that no one buys OneCoins nor Tokens, and that the word “investment” may never be used, Ignatova tries to lure in new OneLife members by promoting an extremely overpriced (118,000 EUR) product:

Ruja Ignatova: “This most probably is the best package for anyone who wants to maximize the OneCoins, who wants to get a good mining difficulty now and actually work on a strategy to have and collect as many coins as possible.”

This picture explains the characteristics of this so-called “Educational Package”, containing only some videos and PDF documents with largely plagiarized material (the blue YouTube hyperlink is “clickable”).
YouTube link

The video was published on the official OneLife YouTube channel on 25 July 2016 (YouTube hyperlink), accompanied by the publication of a OneLife Newsletter, 25 July 2016 (hyperlink):

“Dear Member,

We have some amazing news this week – we are introducing 2 NEW PACKAGES to help you get the maximum amount of OneCoins! Please note that they will only be available until October 1st, when we switch to our new blockchain, so make sure you take advantage of them by then!

The Tycoon+ will give you 81 818 FREE Tokens, set directly into auto-mining and 7500 BV. The Ultimate Package, on the other hand, is the best option for anyone willing to go ALL IN – with an astounding 1 311 111 FREE Tokens and 118 000 BV!


The authors of this website have tried to gather accurate, verifiable and reproducable information about the alleged OneCoin “cryptocurrency” and “Blockchain” and the OneLife network.

Our overall conclusion is that OneCoin/OneLife is a scam by design. Based on all evidence we collected, we created below System Diagram of the “back-office”, i.e. the protected part of the website that is only accessible after creating an account.

Extensive tests with all possible types of OneCoin transactions in OneLife members accounts (i.e. “mining” OneCoins, transferring OneCoins to other OneLife members, buying products on, et cetera) on the one hand, and extensive research of OneCoin transactions on the “BLOCKCHAIN” pages on the other hand, have uncovered irrefutable proof that there are two types of OneCoins:
a. OneCoin “Ponzi Points” in the OneCoin Account and CoinSafe Account of OneLife members (green section in the System Diagram).
b. OneCoin fake cryptocurrency on the BLOCKCHAIN pages (red section in the System Diagram).
Note: The OneCoin “Blockchain” is visible in the back-office. After login, in the left menu, go to > Crypto Currency > BLOCKCHAIN.

There is no connection whatsoever between these two sections, they are strictly separated by a virtual “wall”. This means the following:
a. The OneCoin Ponzi Points have no value outside the OneCoin/OneLife network and they can’t be sold or exchanged for euros, dollars or real cryptocurrencies. They can only be used on the Dealshaker platform (website: where a number of merchants accept these Ponzi Points in exchange for real products and services. These merchants apparently believe that OneCoins one day will have value outside the OneCoin sect community, which is required to be able to pay their suppliers and taxes. Merchants act like the “Greater Fools” in the OneCoin/OneLife network. They are the “Useful Idiots” that are essential to extend the life span of this Ponzi Scheme, because they give substance to the marketing slogan that “OneCoins have usability”.
b. The OneCoin “Blockchain” is a cryptocurrency SIMULATOR with FAKE OneCoin Block and Transaction data.

This website describes a number a reproducible experiments/tests which are the foundation of our conclusions.
You can verify a lot of the information yourself. The only thing you need is a free “Rookie” account which you can create in a couple of minutes via this hyperlink

WARNING: we recommend never to fill in personal data. Use a non-personal email address for the confirmation link. A free Rookie account will be valid for about one month, after that it will be disabled (“frozen”).

Full transcript of YouTube video “Introducing the Tycoon+ and Ultimate Packages!” YouTube link

“Hello, this is Dr. Ruja Ignatova. I’m sitting now in the Head Office in Sofia and I have some exciting news for you. We’re launching today two new packages. Yes, not only one, two new packages and these packages will run only on the first of October this year.
Why? Because the new blockchain will kick in on the first of October and you all will double your OneCoins and these two packages actually are extremely exciting for us.

The first package that we are launching is the so-called Tycoon Plus package. 7,500 euro, 7,500 BVs and the special thing here is, it is a smaller package than the Premium Trader and can put your account on auto-mining. And we all know the advantages of auto-mining. First of all you mine at a better rate, so you get more coins. Second, whatever coins you put into the mining will continue splitting. So you’ll get on the first of October double coins for all the tokens that are in the mining queue, but you also continue getting your splits afterwards. I understand that not everybody can go and buy a Premium Package to go on auto-mining, so this is why we do a temporary package to give you the opportunity to take advantage from auto-mining, better rates, more coins, doubling the coins and continue splitting afterwards. So think about this, I think this is one of the best packages we’ve ever done.

Second package we’re launching, most probably most interesting for the Asian markets, and we have been asked for it, it is a big package called the Ultimate Package. This package is 118,000 euro and it has 1,311,000 tokens, and 111. So what is special about this package, except being so big? Of course it’s amazing that it has a lot of tokens and a lot of coins will come out, but it is actually the same features as the Infinity Plus package. So you can use it in the Super Combo as an Infinity Plus package. The coins will get interest in the Coinsafe, but what we will do for this package, and only for this package, we will give all the seven splits when the new blockchain is switched on.

So it means you will get all the seven splits immediately and this package will generate over two million OneCoins … TWO million OneCoins. This most probably is the best package for anyone who wants to maximize the OneCoins, who wants to get a good mining difficulty now and actually work on a strategy to have and collect as many coins as possible.

I think this is one of the most powerful packages that we have and it will run only until the first of October, because then we switch on the new blockchain and we credit the coins to your accounts.
I hope you like the packages. You can find more information in your backoffice and of course you can contact any time Customer Support or your uplines for more information. Thank you very much.”